creating music

Working on a few upcoming projects for game developer Paradox Interactive
Preparing for recording-sessions with symphony orchestra later this year

Recent projects:
Recent projects include writing and performing under a pseudonym for the niche, surf-inspired, radio station Radio Earth from the game Surviving Mars, also by Paradox Interactive

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Quotes from the fans
  • ’Cowabunga’ - You know it's that good, when you stop playing to run some errands, and you're singing: "Cowabunga, Cowabunga... Oooooooohh oooooh oooh, California Surfin..."wakko701
  • ’Celestial’ - It's almost criminal that this soundtrack is exclusive to this underrated game and not played on real radio stations. I feel like Celestial would be a massive hit. MrPeterGoldman
  • ’Celestial’ - I freaking love Celestial  😍Mr Knilz
  • ’Sunshine’ - Makes me feel the sea on Mars :D love this song and this is the best soundtrack of all Paradox games in my opinion.Tien Doan
  • ’Sunshine’ - My favorite song 😍.Kuro Nakajima